Russian Modern Ballet

Ballet is the art of body movement, life, emotions and thoughts. The classical Russian ballet dance came in Russia first in XVIII century thanks to Jean-Baptiste Lande in St. Petersburg in 1738, the first Russian ballet dance school was opened in Russia.

It should be noted that modern dance or ballet in the Art Nouveau style began to develop in the United States of America at the beginning of the 20th century. Dancing and cardinal metamorphosis, the dancers, when the celebrated choreographers felt alive, in the spirit of the classics, when they lacked the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

Modern Russian ballet as modern ballet in other countries, refuses packs and pointe shoes. Many dancers start to go on stage barefoot, movements are updated very reluctantly, the traditions are very strong. Classical ballet, choreography create a completely new kind of art, which is called modern ballet, where there are no classic positions of the arms and legs, complex eversion, high leap and deliberate lengthening of the arms and legs. New ballet positions, freedom of expression of feelings and ideas, magnificent plasticity of dancers, a departure from conservatism are the main determinants of modern ballet. Recently, modern ballet has become widespread in Russia and integrated in Russian national ballet. The various elements of classical ballet blend harmoniously with the new dance moves, which gives freedom of variations and combinations.

About Emelianov Dance Company

Emilianov Dance Company is one of the only Russian ballet company, which brought Russian modern ballet out of Russian borders. The company was founded by Anatoly Emilianov, a ballet dancer with multiple lead roles, as well as his own productions. The first performance of the artists of Emilianov Dance Company was in 2002, “Cross Winds”, which became historic as for the company, as well as for the Russian modern ballet in general. During these years company created more than 20 ballet performances and had more than 100 performances in many countries around the world with the presence of local high profile art, social and political representatives. The company had performances in almost all European countries and far East Asia, as Israel and East Africa, which was the first time of its kind for African people.

Every year the Russian Moscow ballet Emilianov Dance Company, which is Moscow based, is invited to perform repeatedly in European and Asian countries and is open for cooperation with new companies and visiting new countries.

Repertoire of modern ballet

The repertoire of Emilianov Dance Company includes more than 10 various ballets, among which are Cross Winds, music by Fredric Chopin, choreography by Anatoliy Emilianov. The performance about well-known to all of us loneliness, predefined by fate, which is expressed by the girl in white, who is searching for love, but at the end is not able to enjoy it. The ballet includes six characters and three duets. Firebird, music by Igor Stravinsky, choreography by Anatoliy Emilianov. The performance is about Prince Ivan, who needs to conquer evil Kashchei and Firebird helps him to do that and win the battle and Prince marries Tsarevna. Paganini, music by Sergey Rachmaninoff, choreography Anatoliy Emilianov. The ballet is based on the script of legend on how Paganini sold his “soul to the evil” in order to get a performing power. Bolero, music by Maurice Ravel, choregraphy Anatoliy Emilianov. The full repertoire with the detailed description is available in “Repertoire” section.


Artists of the Emilianov Dance Company are professionals in modern ballet with multiple performances and various lead roles. They are carefully chosen as they represent the dance company in Russia and around the world and its very important to have the high professionals.


Emilianov Dance Company is open to new partnerships around the world. We are glad to present modern ballet existing in Russia to the various audience. Our existing and expanding partnerships during these years speaks for the excellent work of our artists and choreographer. We are open to short-term and long-term partnerships with various companies in the field.

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