Cross Winds ballet

cross winds

Music by Frederic Chopin

Choreography by Anatoly Emelianov

It is difficult to remain indifferent to the music of ingenious composers. Each work of Chopin found its reflection in the realities of all times and eras. The impeccable perception of life, which became the basis of his musical masterpieces, carries motives and understanding through time.

The production of the Beautiful Winds ballet to the music of Frederic Chopin attracted the attention of viewers and connoisseurs of real creativity. Russian ballet has long expanded its boundaries and became a real benchmark. Emelyanov’s dance company is constantly attracting new audiences and has a huge number of visitors, both on the domestic stage and on foreign dance stages.

What is the source of the composition’s richness?

The Polish composer was a real virtuoso, who wrote mostly for the piano part. His unique works fall into many creative concepts and express the composer’s main idea for the viewer in a unique way.

His professional technique is second to none and unique in essence. The masterly performances of Chopin’s parts not only reflect the inner world and an attempt to revive the word in music, but also allow you to think deeply.

All musical compositions of Chopin include a piano solo. This is the uniqueness of the bright and unique production of the cross wind ballet.

Frederick was really creative person. He had the gift of drawing. Therefore, his music was easily transformed into modern productions and helped to highlight the main accents of life as brightly as possible.

It is important to understand that ballet production to the music of world famous composers is a difficult task, obtainable for real geniuses. Anatoly Emelyanov created a true story, with its own meaning. At the same time, the fine line of musical accompaniment and storyline has not been violated. The production involves famous, world renown artists.

The subtlety of grace and the versatility of music combined the desire to be heard and seen.

Production plot

The tremendous problem of loneliness and doom passes through the entire plot of the production. The production presents three duets, six completely different characters. Each of them has his own destiny, his own pain and moments of hope for the best.

The beautiful heroine, who has delicate features, is insanely beautiful, but cannot find love in her life. What is it? Doom, fate, reckoning? The choreographer did not just create a performance that you want to watch. You want to think over its meaning, search and find answers to numerous questions.

The production does not just attract the attention of the viewer. It clearly defines the following motives:

  • The unity of music and dance. Ballet is the highest art in which grace, character, motive are perfectly connected. Each character is an integral idea and a bright participant in the play. At the same time, each of them is distinguished by a costume, their own dream and belief in its realization.
  • The storyline, the acting troupe perfectly form a unity and dissolve in mesmerizing music.

Despite the deep meaning and feelings of loneliness, the show uses bright colors of costumes. They do not only complement their heroes, giving them sincerity, absurdity and naivety, but also allow you to create a holistic picture of the image’s versatility.

In every scene, there is a real pain. For many people, Chopin still remains an unsolved personality. His work is saturated with understatement and special meaning. The choreographer competently managed to create a unity of thought. All musical priorities are set competently and expressed by the perfect acting and the grace of their dance performance. The inexplicable and elusive art of the ingenious composer is professionally revealed to the audience.

The Ballet of the Cross Winds is the music of happiness that helps you to learn yourself. The performance gives the most vivid impressions and unique emotions. The harmony of music, dance and silence are important accents of the production. Every viewer will certainly see something invisibly close to himself and painfully familiar in the images of ballet heroes!

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