Manfred ballet

Manfred ballet

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreography Anatoly Emelianov

The works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky became real legends. The great composer created real masterpieces which are out of time. Each of his works is unique in its own way and finds echoes in the dance.

Creation history

The idea of ​​creating a symphony belongs to M.A. Balakirev, who originally created the program for Byron’s poem. He proposed this idea to Berlioz. However, he refused to participate in the program and work on the piece. Tchaikovsky also did not immediately agree.


It is important to understand that Manfred was not close spiritually to the composer. The image of the godless, lonely and proud was not understood by the composer. Tchaikovsky was a deeply religious and God-fearing man. For many years Balakirev continued to persuade Tchaikovsky to return to the proposed plot. An important role in the final decision by the composer played his trip to Switzerland.

The plot unfolds in the magical Alps. Staying in these places and the extraordinary beauty of the Alps brought to the composer creative ideas and helped him to develop a creative concept.

Subsequently, Tchaikovsky recalled the time of work on the piece with particular warmth.

In general, the work consists of four main parts. Each of them represents its own plot. In musical arrangement, it looks like this:

  1. The first part is very different from the usual sonata allegro. The slow and gloomy part helps to reveal simultaneously several important topics that musically reflect the inner rebellious character of the protagonist.
  2. The second part is mesmerizing with special musical accompaniment. Through the magical spray of the waterfall, the main character first encounters an alpine fairy.
  3. The entire third part is devoted to the free life of the residents. Pictures show poverty, carelessness, simplicity of life. A vivid accent of the third part is the motives of the protagonist’s tragic theme, which sharply resonate with the pipe.
  4. The final part takes the viewer to the dungeon, where the main character receives Astarta’s forgiveness and dies.

Russian culture is complex, but it is understandable and interesting not only for Russian people. Therefore, this production always collects full houses and attracts the audience of different faiths.

What is the genius of the Manfred ballet?

The name of a brilliant composer always obliges to the ideal. Creating the production to the music by Tchaikovsky is a serious work of the troupe. Among the main extravaganzas of the production, viewers distinguish:

  • The unity of the plot and musical accompaniment. The whole story, which was hidden in the music, was sharply and extensively shown to the viewer. The choreographer has created a real story that is clear and beautiful, understandable and tragic.
  • The brightness of the colors. Each scene is complemented by unique scenery that reflects the actions and character of the heroes.
  • A high level of actor’s professionalism. It is difficult not to notice the technique, the unique graphics and the precise adaptation to the image of the hero. Anatoly Emelyanov affects each of his productions with a high level of professionalism and creative thought.

Manfred ballet is a flight of high idea of the author. Russian ballet by Emelyanov’s dancing group is recognized and loved at the world level. Each tour and performance is not just unique, but brilliant.

Music has always remained interesting and understandable to the viewer. Therefore, the combination of dance and ingenious work is a difficult task for the choreographer. However, the troupe of the dance company copes with each task perfectly, regardless of the idea of the choreographer and the complexity of the creative concept.

It is difficult to reject understandable and accessible things. The ballet, to the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – is the simplicity, neighboring with luxury, complexity, which helps to comprehend understandable and complex things. The spirit of rebellion and the simplicity of the presentation of the proposed plot attract the interest of people of different ages and help them think, perceive and analyze!

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