History of Russian Modern Ballet

At the time when many theaters made a lot of money for their shows, modern Russian ballet was not far behind, it gained recognition and its level of acceptance increased every day. Here I will address some related questions about contemporary dance, such as: what is ballet modern, what stages of its development to the level in which it is.

Early Stages

Analyzes indicate that ballet became modern at the beginning of the 20th century. Before that time, and at that time, dance was used for the manifestation of feelings, or ideas related to feeling, and we must bear in mind that most (not all) of the movements served to demonstrate this. The history of ballet has its roots in Italy, at that time, people of higher classes, like the nobles, for example, used dance as a form of entertainment, not only dance, but also poetry and music. The first ballet was presented in 1626, where the dancers dance to the sound of soloists, all this happened in the presence of the king. This was the first performance of the ballet in public.

According to “CAMINADA” it is said that in ballets instead of going more for the feeling, the dancers began to work in way to please the public, that is where the professionalization of the dance began.

The arrival of the ballet in Russia

Ballet arose in Russia in the eighteenth century with the main purpose of entertaining the Russian royal court.

In St. Petersburg was founded the Imperial School of Ballet (now: Vaganova Academy of Ballet) under the direction of the master of ballet Jean-Baptiste Landé.

Landé taught ballet to first Russian dancers, which were taken directly from the royal palace: Timofei Bublikov, Nikolai Choglokov, Afanasy Toporkov, Nikolai Tolubeyev, Sergei Chalyshkin and Andrei Nestorov, and among the females Yelizaveta, Avdótia Timofeyeva and Axinita Sergeyeva.

In this phase choreographers, dancers and masters of ballet of the West were enthusiastically received in Russia.

Differences between modern ballet and classical ballet

Modern Russian ballet is a mixture of classical ballet with more intensive elements, it is freedom to demonstrate ideas and feelings in a much more intense way, the main characteristic that differs from the classic one is the use of movements of other categories of dance. The modern Russian ballet already had an established and established international audience (ie the Ballets era Russes). So it was only a matter of time before Russian modern dance companies such as the Moscow Ballet, Evgeny Panfilov Ballet, Provincial Dances, Contemporary Dance Theater and Dialogue Dance, discovered their progress in the international scene.

Modern ballet was able to gather an audience at home as well. In addition, contemporary dance is now an art incorporated in Russia. Thus, modern ballet is included in the repertoire of the major theaters of Moscow and St Petersburg, such as the “Theater Bolshoi”, the Theater Mariinsky and the Theater Michailovsky. This points once again to the current appropriation of new dance techniques by the older theater houses.