The Time ballet

Music by Avro Part
Choreography by Anatoly Emelianov

Every day is irreversible. We do not notice how time simply leaves forever, inexorably and no one is able to withstand this passage of time. And only that what seemed close and real is a thing of the past, leaves miserable echoes.

These are the sad realities of every person’s life. Birth, important and significant phases and hopelessness. Only memories remain. Therefore, it is very important to appreciate yourself in life and realize your own importance in it, enjoy every minute, every breath of air and not to judge!

History of the performance

The “Ballet of Time” to the music of the Arvo band, set by the famous choreographer Anatoly Emelyanov, was a real breakthrough. A bright and plain plot harmoniously combines two main ideas. The main one is the inevitability of everything that happens, and the second is a vivid appeal to how important it is to appreciate life and see all the best in it.

The performance was created to the music of the famous composer Arvo Pärt, who was born in 1935. This is one of the most mysterious personalities, who constantly attracted the attention of all creative people. The composer has long been in search for his own style. Since 1976, he developed his own concept, in which church echoes and beautiful many-sided chime prevailed. This was a real breakthrough.

The music of the composer is defined by many musicologists as the direction of new simplicity. However, this simplicity is so multifaceted and it allows to express universal ideas and accurately set important life priorities. At the same time, the musical accompaniment is a vivid and dominant accent of everything that happens on the stage. The composer’s music was used in Russian films. The creation of the ballet performance “Ballet of Time”, under the direction of Anatoly Emelyanov, made it possible to see and hear not just a new interpretation of the work, but also to convert the musical picture into obvious frames, to embody a quiet stream of time into a stream of irreversible events.

Arvo Part

Arvo Part was born in 1935. In the early period of his creative work he stacked dissonance on dissonance, in deliberately rude collages he confronted the eternal styles of the past with the chaos of modernity and that’s why he was a disgraced Soviet artist. Then he made a stylistic turn of 180 degrees, limiting his manner to transparent and strict writing based on models of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Since this was done not on external, but for internal reasons, he still remained a disgraced artist and in 1980 left USSR.

The plot of the ballet

Time Ballet performance to the music of the composer Arvo is a vivid choreographic performance in which:

  1. Spiritual-meditative contemplation is revealed unobtrusively and delicately. It is important to understand that the composer was a deeply religious person. Therefore, all his work is closely intertwined with the sublime and incomprehensible.
  2. The concept of spirituality is harmoniously expressed in music and the performance. The uniqueness of the performance itself is the spirituality determined from the point of view of the composer. The performance only emphasizes and complements the musical ideas of the composer.
  3. The interconnection of music and sacred words are important criteria of the entire period of creativity.

The choreographic interpretation of the great work clearly shows:

  • The unity of time and space. Everything that seems important becomes sometimes fleeting and worthless. And what could have been lost becomes important, significant and paramount.
  • Spiritual contemplation. It is worth noting that the author felt keenly all the experiences and moments. Competent choreography only adds to the author’s desire to say the important and catch everyone’s live.
  • Understanding of harmony and structuring of ideas helped to create the stage fate of his work. At the same time, initially his music was not intended for ballet performance. A subtle understanding of what the composer meant allowed the choreographer to create a real dialogue without words with the audience.
  • Precision of thought and maximum clarity of the performance and deep consistency. Such mathematical accuracy does not just captivate, but makes as clear as possible all that the composer wanted to say and the ballet dancer expresses to the viewer.

Ballet is a high level of spirituality. The unity of music and grace helps to embody creative ideas and makes you think, draw conclusions and completely reconsider your own worldview. And if this succeeds, then time gives way to ideas and desires.

“Ballet of time” is the cry from the heart, and the whisper of pain that reflect every moment, every breath and the pain of loss!

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