Tristan and Isolde ballet

tristan and isolde ballet

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Gustav Mahler, Dmitry Shostakovich, Samuel Barber, secular music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Choreography by Anatoly Emelianov

Russian ballet is a national card of the country’s culture, a real pride. Despite the fact that France and Italy are the historical homeland for ballet, Russia gave it a new lease on life. Many productions were beyond comprehension and went down in history as a standard of great craftsmanship.

Emelyanov’s dance company is true to the classical traditions of Russian ballet. The main emphasis of the choreographer is always on the sharpness of movements and super professional performance of each role of the characters. The repertoire of performances is the best performances that are known for their storyline and loved for many years.

Production history

Usually, when talking about a big and tragic love, everyone remember Romeo and Juliet, forgetting the history that took place much earlier, in the medieval England. This is the legend of Tristan and Isolde. Why is she so attractive for us? Most likely its phenomenal modernity, it is clear that it is relevant now.It would seem that Gottfried von Strassburg, a medieval German poet, wrote the poem Tristan about 1210, and we, what do we feel when we listen to it today? Human nobility, the duty of honor, the impulse of passion and the despair of love – everything is intertwined and thoughts rush into that distant and at the same time close, incomprehensible and painfully native world of this beautiful legend. Probably we are interested, because our life is in some sense, an unforeseen stream of events.

Imagine if such situation could happen to us at work, at home, anywhere? I can say from myself that the probability of this is quite high, and no prejudice can stop our actions. The roots of understanding of this lie in universal human behavior. To plunge into the inner world of the heroes of this ancient legend will help us the language of choreography of the same name ballet.

Tristan and Isolde ballet are a cult work that embodies true beautiful love. It is based on ancient beautiful legends. Despite the fact that history spans dozens of years, the topic remains relevant and always interesting. Such interest is caused, first of all, by relevance and transience. Despite the fact that history makes its own adjustments, life remains one important and crazy stream in which emotions are experienced, passions rage and a certain final comes.

In the time of action, the reign of the legendary King Arthur is displayed. Ballet is played in several acts.

Important nuance of the production is the choice of musical accompaniment. By making his choice, Emelyanov gives preference to two main criteria:

  • The use of classical music. All actions of the performance take place to the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Gustav Mahler, Dmitry Shostakovich, Samuel Barber.
  • The second important factor is the staging to pristine music. The choreographer prefers to preserve the original sound and combine all the images into a single, unique luxury.

This is exactly what happens in the production of Tristan and Isolde. The performance is presented in the form of separate bright numbers in a checkerboard pattern. Music is perceived quite differently. And the main reason for this is the vivid acting, the precise expressions of emotions and experiences.

What attractive does Tristan and Isolde ballet have?

Each production and interpretation of the familiar events is always special. The legend of the tragic love of the blonde Isolde and the proud Tristan arose in Ireland. It was passed from generation to generation with its vivid experiences and events. The staging of the ballet is not just an interpretation of the choreographer, it is his work that perfectly combines music and staging by the forces of the ballet actors.

Tristan was a handsome young man who received a knightly education. Barely born, he was left without a mother. The name Tristan means sad. Isolda is the daughter of a well-known witch who passed to her daughter all the skills and the art of healing.

After winning an important match, Tristan was wounded by a poisoned spear. Only a blond beauty could heal him. The main character, under a different name, goes to the kingdom where the girl lives. Isolda took care of him and cured.

Short moments of happiness take turns by different circumstances. Heroes face a variety of obstacles to their love and desire to be together. A beautiful legend constantly finds echoes in the hearts of the modern viewer.

A holistic picture allows you to travel to the world of fascinating trips. The performance found a response in the hearts of many viewers. A special impression made:

  • Beautiful costumes typical for the era of ongoing events.
  • Highly professional acting of the troupe. It is important to consider that the Emelyanov’s troupe is represented by high-level artists who possess all the subtleties of ballet choreography. Each artist uniquely expresses the emotions of his or her character in the dance.
  • The scenery and colors do not only impress the viewer, but help him just forget about the reality, plunging into the King Arthur epoch.

The production makes you once again think and reflect on important human qualities that do not lose their relevance in our modern world. Courage, nobility, the desire to forgive – these are the human qualities that have always and everywhere been appreciated!

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