Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Choreography by Anatoly Emelianov

Each visit to the ballet gives the warmest impressions. Ballet has long ceased to be just art. This is a great work that combines musical accompaniment, vivid scenery, professional performance and excellent choreography.

Vasilisa ballet to the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff, by choreographer Anatoly Emelyanov was a great success with the public. The performance is fascinating and interesting for people without age restrictions. Even for those who are not ballet fans, a visit to the performance expands limits and fascinates with this completely unique art form forever.

History of Vasilisa ballet

Rachmaninoff is a great composer. He was born in a musical family, which undoubtedly affected his hobbies and creativity. All his works did not only conquer the world, but were recognized at the level of the world elite.

In many compositions, Rachmaninoff used the piano. He skillfully played the instrument, so each part sounded with a special charm and intonation, unique to him.

Rachmaninoff’s music is close to many people. The soul of Russian people, ideas, melancholy, emotions were put in it. The melody of the genius composer evokes special feelings and stirs the blood. These feelings make you experience all the events that unfold on the stage and transfer them to fabulous productions.

The Performance Vasilisa

The production of the ballet itself is distinguished by its bright colors and ingenious ballet dancers. The skills of ballet dancers are so honed that each of them simply gets used to their own role, expressing emotions and mood.

Ballet is the ability to communicate without words. And the main and important advantage of any successful performance is the ability to understand and accept the viewer. Vasilisa, staged by Anatoly Emelyanov, is a real masterpiece.

The storyline unfolds over the main character of the play:

In the thirtieth kingdom lived a beautiful and kind girl. She was an orphan. Her parents are long dead. This grief did not make the girl a recluse. She was sweet and friendly, helped people, birds and animals.

Once in the woods, walking and dancing, Vasilisa met a handsome young guy. They fell in love and decided to meet once again.

Their meeting was watched by the kikimors and servants of the merciless Koshchei the Immortal. They immediately report to their master that a girl of extraordinary beauty lives far away. The villain’s decision is to abduct the beauty and imprison her in his kingdom.

Koschey is trying to persuade a girl to become his wife, offering her untold wealth. However, she loves Ivan and wants to return home immediately.

Ivan is engaged in looking for the bride, he learns about the abduction of her by evil Koshchei. Ivan goes to Baba Yaga for help, where he asks for advice on how to defeat the villain. Baba gives him a magic sword.

On the way to the kingdom of Koschey, the servants of the villain are constantly trying to harm Ivan. He enters into battle with them, successfully overcoming all difficulties and accidental encounters with kikimors.

The final part of the battle between the villain and the hero has a special coloring. The victory over evil and the return of the main characters is the happy culmination of all events.

The production is clear and captivating from the first minutes of the play. Actors are in perfect harmony with every scene of musical accompaniment. The main highlights of the ballet are:

  • High level of professionalism and creativity of all ballet dancers.
  • Chic costumes and bright makeup that allows you to view perfectly all the scenes and emotions of the characters.
  • Beautiful scenery, which easily transfer not only the participants in the events to the atmosphere of the show, but also the viewer, including the little guests of the ballet.

Ballet is a multifaceted and unique art form that easily combines the plot, music, grace. Anatoly Emelyanov managed not only to create a chic performance, but also to capture the attention of the viewer. Each scene is a high level of professionalism, an easy combination of skill and desire to do everything at the highest level. And he always succeeds!

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